Birthday Cake

Aw yeah!Do you know what time it is? It’s time to ROCK OUT! With this cake that I made for my brother’s 13th birthday on Saturday. It took me six hours and I am so proud of it although I was sick of looking at it by the time it was finished.

It’s made up of three cakes (two rectangle ones and a round one which was cut to be the neck of the guitar) and I made the marshmallow fondant myself. I know that the red isn’t as red as it should be and the black isn’t quite as black but I’m not that fussed because it was my first time messing around with fondant and I’d already used half a bottle of red food colouring. And my wrists and arms were killing me from all the kneading that was involved. In fact, I think making the fondant was the most time consuming part of the process. Anyway, it even has a whammy bar (Is that what it’s called?) which Dad made out of a metal chopstick (he bent it and cut it down to size) and then I stuck a lump of icing on the end of it. Yay!

What an awesome cake. It even got some comments from the other thirteen year old boys that were in the house such as: ‘WOW!’ and ‘That’s the best cake I’ve ever seen!’. Which was nice but, you know, he was thirteen so how many cakes can he have seen in his short life? Anyway, I like the cake so much and I am so proud of it that you’re going to be subjected to several more pictures of it. 🙂

Ok. I’ll stop now. 🙂


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  1. Rosa replied:

    Hi Stephanie, I saw your intro on the Daring Bakers forum and thought I’d drop in and say hi, since you’re a fellow kiwi, and there aren’t too many kiwi food blogs about (that I’ve seen, anyway!). I live in Christchurch, and I’m also a uni student – studying Information Systems. 🙂 I love the guitar cake, it’s awesome! Can’t wait to see more… 🙂

  2. City the NZCQ replied:

    wow, that cake is freaking amazing!!! You are a very rad sister 🙂

  3. Amanda replied:

    Hi there. Your guitar cake is very impressive…. as is that rainbow coloured cake. Do you make the cakes to order. I am after a birthday cake for my neices third birthday…. either A dora cake…or a cool jungle animal….perhaps a giraffe? How much do you charge please? Thanks.

  4. dunedindomesticgoddess replied:

    So far I have never made a birthday cake to order so I am not sure how much it costs. If you like I can add up the total cost of materials and try to give you a rough estimate. If you decide you would like me to do that, could you please email me some photos of the sort of thing you’re after just so I can get an idea.


    I also emailed this to you in case you don’t see this. 🙂

    P.S. I am assuming you are in Dunedin, NZ

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